The ACAS Trustees strive to ensure that grants, however small, are well directed and correctly used.


Our Policy is that:

  • Grants can be proposed by ACAS members, British Missions in Central America or Central American Embassies in London.

  • Grants will be given to organisations in the member countries that are already operating and, preferably, not in receipt of substantial aid from international organisations.

  • Grants should be for a specific and tangible purpose / project, not for administration costs and be in the region of GBP500.00

  • Organisations which focus on supporting children or the elderly will be given preference.

  • Organisations will be selected from the member countries in such a way as to ensure all member countries benefit, as far as is reasonably practicable, over the years.

To propose a Grant, please download this application form (also available in Spanish here) and pass it onto the organisation you are proposing to provide all the additional information about how they would use an ACAS Grant.

Our Grant Policy

How to apply

Grant Follow up & Reporting

Once the grant has been approved and disbursed to the organisation, ACAS expects a report from the organisation within six months on how the grant was used and photos. 

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Photo credits to: Beatriz Eugenia Alfaro Rivas, Victoria Illingworth, Mihela Kralj and the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo - INGUAT)


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